Lipstick with a matt finish, varnish, creamy or gloss?

different lipstick effects

A lipstick can transform the makeup. And every kind of lipstick has a different effect on the lips. Everything will depend on the chosen color, texture, finish and, of course, of what each person wants: brighter, more opaque, longer ... A makeup artist Raphaella Bahia, Studio Longevitá, in Rio de Janeiro, explains what the main difference between the main types of lipstick.

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lipstick Mate

It is well opaque leaves a drier aspect of the lips and lasts longer, is what has better fixation. "You can spend your mate and then move the gloss in the center to add volume", suggests. As he fixed well, it's good to spend with brush, pencil marking the boundary with the same color lipstick and after filling.

Varnish lipstick

Leave one aspect brighter, but not as much as the gloss. It can be applied in the same way as the mate.

Creamy lipstick

There lipsticks metallic or dull creamy. Leaves the mouth with a wetter look, and more moisturize lips. And it can be used on any occasion. The mode of application is also the same as the mate.


Leaves and glossy lips, but gives a more youthful air. It also increases the lips, leaving more volume. "Its duration is not too long and it is necessary to remove excess before applying"He says.

A lipstick color that is high is burgundy. Get tips on how to use the color of the moment in your makeup:

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