Remember the times when the ass Mateus Solano stole the show in “Freedom, Freedom”

mateus solano Rubião freedom freedomGlobe / Renato Rocha Miranda

The actor Mateus Solano already made it clear what you think about the scenes showing the butt on the novel of the 11's TV Globo "Freedom, Freedom": "If it is to tell a beautiful story, I'll show up to my 'womb'" he said, in an interview with UOL.


Solano plays Rubião, fictional character who helped finance the Minas Conspiracy, but turned out to be a villain in the second phase of the novel.

He has been tortured, killed, stole, cheated, proved opportunistic ... But when it comes to Rubião, only remember the Solano rear.

In at least two times the actor's ass took the spotlight: the scene where is tortured, in the first chapter:

mateus solano assReproduction / TV Globo

And when it takes the character Anita (Joana Solnado) to bed in one of the hottest times of the serial.

mateus solano joana solnado freedom freedomReproduction / TV Globo

With their involvement increasingly intense with the protagonist Pink / Joaquina (Andreia Horta) - from when peeked in that scene where the character comes towel only - already gives to predict a new time when the Solano butt call attention again .

Or the time Rose / Joaquina?

joaquina andreia gardenReproduction / TV Globo

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