8 foods you wrong guard in the refrigerator: Egg on the door and more

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Store food in the refrigerator It is not such a basic task as it sounds and if done the wrong way can end up ruining and causing food waste. In addition to storing eggs in the door - the most common mistake - other foods are probably in the wrong place inside your refrigerator. Learn what they are.

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Store food in the refrigerator: 8 mistakes that you make

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Egg: in the refrigerator door the temperature varies more than inside, as you open frequently. Therefore, avoid storing eggs in this part - the food is highly perishable and cold changing to the heat will make them spoil faster.

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Milk and dairy products: the temperature variation can also spoil milk, cheese, butter, cheese and other derivatives. Look let them on the top shelf, where the air is cooler.

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Bread: the bread lasts a few days longer if it is cold, but the ideal is to keep it in the freezer, not in the refrigerator (in this part, the food quickly hangover). At the time of thaw, just heat it in the oven.

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Coffee: you keep the coffee powder in the refrigerator? Besides impair the flavor of the food, the condensation caused by cool air can end turned moldy food.

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Onion: onion releases gases that can accelerate the decay of other vegetables. It is not necessary to store it in the refrigerator (they can be stored in the pantry)

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Fruits and vegetables: do not cut or wash before storing, moisture causes them to wear out faster. Place food in separate transparent bags, remove as much air as possible and keep in the drawer, where the air is cooler.

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Canned: the ideal is to remove them from the packaging and place them in glass or stainless sizes before taking the fridge. Tin aluminum can contaminate food (such as corn, peas, cream and condensed milk) over time, mainly because it is difficult to get sanitize them completely.

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raw meat: leave it in a closed container in the refrigerator and never store along with other foods. You run the risk of contaminating them with bacteria which might be in the raw food.

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