Brazilian medicinal plants

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Nature is an excellent provider of beneficial elements for the life of human beings. Rich in various substances, some plants are especially useful to help treat or even fight health problems and, therefore, are called and medicinal herbs. Better news still is that our home to a wide diversity of this type of plants that can be found throughout the country. See what some of main medicinal plants in Brazil.


Toning and detoxifying, rosemary is one of Popular Brazilian medicinal plants. Used in baths for the skin and hair, it is useful to combat dandruff and strengthen the skin. In addition, rosemary stands out for being a digestive plant, beneficial to relieve gastritis, intestinal gas and heartburn.


With strong and bitter taste, boldo is a beneficial plant especially for the liver. Toning, calming and carminative, tea made from the leaves of this Brazilian plant is useful to relieve symptoms of colds and flu, mild diarrhea, in addition to whet your appetite.

Lemon grass

Found virtually throughout the Brazilian territory, lemon grass has several very useful medicinal properties to relieve problems and annoyances. Soothing, leaves and stems of this plant are indicated for insomnia, ward off symptoms of colds and flu and relieve colic. In addition, the lemon grass also contains bactericidal, expectorant and digestive substances.


Indicated to help control diabetes, the broom is a plant beneficial to the liver, it stimulates the secretion of bile and helps to improve the functioning of the gallbladder. The tea made from the stems of this plant is also useful to treat anemia, skin problems and even helps in digestion. In addition, the coot is slightly laxative and anthelmintic.


Very rich in minerals, the stem of horsetail plant is a great ally to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis and rheumatism. Highly calcifying, the plant is also diuretic, it helps to deflate the body and fight infection.

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