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The chemistry

What they say it is that either hit or not hit. There are scientific studies trying to unravel it. And even matters in women's magazines (with ours!) addressing the issue like the eighth wonder of the world. With the kiss is no different. Or fits or does not fit. "Just imagine one without tongue kiss. Yes, the famous 'French kiss' kiss has nothing, is more technical, because they do not use the language. Once I kissed a Parisian and was super bland, is hollow, void, a horror. The guy even commented that my kiss was different and found it very funny. Of course? I used the language and he did not!", B * ri Andréia 20 years. "Later, I discovered that, for foreigners, kissing is very intimate thing. Language, then forget it! It's the same thing boyfriend", account.

Trained by herself kiss on the bathroom tile, trying to get some ice into the cup with the language and stuff

The issue goes beyond nationality. The kiss depends on each person. "No such good kiss business and bad kiss. There kiss kiss fits and does not fit, pure chemistry, that's all. It kisses, first, they are not as good, and then over time are excellent. When you like the person, you get used, then each course fits your way of kissing and rolls fitting"He says.

Cláudia Felício, journalist, author of a book aimed at the teen audience "All about boys ... Girls" (Publisher Young Planet) sign under the 'puzzles theory' Andreia. "It's all about fitting it. Sometimes the guy wants to kiss quickly and the woman enjoys a slower kiss. Sometimes it is the type "crank language" and partner prefer kissing another way or vice versa. The good kiss is one in which you come to an agreement on the way, the pace of kissing, caresses"Says Claudia.

The train

Today, she finds it funny, but when I was younger Cláudia Felício author has trained a lot. "Trained by herself kiss on the bathroom tile, trying to get some ice into the cup with the language and stuff. However, I think it did not help. In my first kiss when I was getting close to the boy, he was giving me that fear of not sending well. And then we kiss was all so different from what I had arranged with the bathroom tile!"Jokes Claudia. It is a tip: the best training is live!

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