8 cod recipes for Easter

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Easter is coming and to celebrate this special day, nothing better than to gather the family to the table and make a delicious recipe with cod. The oven bacalhoada is the most traditional way to prepare the fish, but not the only one. Check out other tasty and easy to make everyone's mouth water suggestions.

For dessert:

Easter egg filled with gingerbread

Colomba stuffed Pascal brigadier

3 recipes with white chocolate worth

To whet your appetite before the main course, what about a codfish balls? The pub snack is even better if it is done at home. The cod with zucchini takes coconut milk and is very easy to do. The chef Manu Zappa teaches how to prepare a cod gratin with potatoes and sour cream. For those who like mass, the tip is to combine spinach, white sauce and cod and make a tasty lasagna.

If you want to bet on a different dish, prepare a cod crusted almonds and chestnut puree. If cod leftovers the next day, give a new flavor to it making a risotto recipe or a special salt cake.

He was in the mood? Check out the photo gallery and elect your favorite recipe.

Easter recipes coddisclosure

Cod cake

cod risotto

Cod with zucchini

cod gratin

Cod Lasagna

Cod with almond crust

cod pie

traditional oven cod

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