Karina Bacchi says that baby is sitting in the belly: got a problem? And the birth?

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Each week of pregnancy, Karina Bacchi will discover a new detail first-time mother's life. This time, the muse fitness revealed the type of delivery which must submit the birth of his son. Although want normal birth, the actress explained that you can opt for a cesarean section because the baby sitting in the uterus.

The child's position, which determines the optimal type of delivery is an issue surrounded by doubts and myths - one associated precisely the obligation of cesarean for the baby who is "sitting". However, there are alternatives for women who prefer a normal delivery even when the baby is in breech position.

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My baby is sitting: got a problem?

First, it is important to know that the fact that the baby is "sitting" is not a problem. The position of the child, in fact, varies greatly throughout pregnancy and usually stabilize in the third quarter.

At this stage, it is expected the baby to settle head down, in the cephalic position called, ideal for normal delivery.

If the baby remain "sitting", some obstetricians choose to hold the VCE (Cephalic Version External), maneuver the doctor, with the help of ultrasound, handles the mother's belly the surface to help the baby to position.

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The maneuver, which is dangerous, usually held from the 36th week of pregnancy and often can be replaced by alternative methods such as simple physical exercises done at home, acupuncture and even yoga. However it is advised to consult a medical specialist before resorting to any of these therapies.

Baby sitting must be born by C-section?

According to the gynecologist and obstetrician Elizabeth Nasser, CS is the most appropriate delivery (and safer) for when the baby is sitting in the last weeks of pregnancy. However, the normal delivery with pelvic baby can and should be evaluated individually for each woman.

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"The normal birth with baby sitting is a different delivery. It is naturally more risky because it does dilate the cervix is ​​the pole head, his head down. We know that to pass the head, spends the rest of the body. When he is sitting, you can move your legs and butt, but sometimes it does not spread out enough to pass the head, "he explains.

According to the doctor, there are some requirements for pregnant women who do not want to give up the normal birth with the baby sitting between them not be with a risk pregnancy. "If the woman is in her first pregnancy, vaginal delivery with pelvic baby is not advised, because her body never experienced the passage of the baby through the vagina and may not have the necessary expansion for it," he says.

They are missing a few weeks, 3 or 4 ... (wishing normal delivery, but my baby is still sentadinho ... and it seems that accommodated ☺️) are already about 17 kg and several centimeters more ... breathing becomes more panting breath decreases, movements like tying your shoes, get up, dress has become more difficult .... masssss even with so much anxiety and anticipation there is much joy in this final stretch, but want to remain in that celebratory state until his arrival, when in my arms, when crawling, walking, for years .... always will choose to be happy, vibrate positive, thinking good things. Always took life lightly, always faced the challenges facing so tb feel stronger and prepared every day. Fear? I do not listen to him, that's my best therapy. My gaze back into me, to my faith and when I open my eyes I am light to direct it my gaze. I've always been so, I think God gave me a very special guardian angel when nasci.Somos friends, accomplices, we walked together. And now the circle expands ������������ ... more love on the way. # Babybacchi (name at birth decide ����☺️) MY SON ... MY LOVE ����❤️ #karinabacchi #blessed

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