Princess feet, step by step home to end the dry skin without sanding

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The feet and ankles They are among the drier areas of the body. Hours of high heels and the lack of specific care are just two of the factors that can compromise the skin of the region.

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Foot care

However, getting lisinhos heels It may be easier than it seems: a five-step scheme to be done once a week, ensures visual texture and perfect to rock sandals around. Check it:

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The foot bath is a relaxation and preparation stage. In addition to relieving the stresses of day to day, the hot water also opens the pores of the skin so that the treatment is better absorbed. To prepare it, add warm water, liquid soap and some mint essence drops to a large container. Let your feet submerged for 15 to 20 minutes.

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Exfoliating sugar
With wet feet, make a homemade scrub with honey and sugar. The folder will remove dead cells and excess dry skin.

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Fuzzy towel
With a thick towel, dry your feet and remove the waste from the scrub. The texture of the fabric will also help in the removal of dry skin.

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Moisturizing and plastic film
Then apply a generous layer of cream and wrap feet in plastic wrap. The heat helps in the absorption of nutrients. Choose lotions leading urea in its formulation because it is a moisturizer and emollient component. Keep your feet well for an hour and, when removing the film, massage until the product is completely absorbed.

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moisturizing oil
Finish with a layer almond oil, able to create a film that prevents moisture loss.

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