Learn the soundtracks of best-selling films in history


Usually packed by powerful songs, romantic scenes of impact are successful between the public and often end up joining the story. The music accompanying the sequence, of course, can not be ignored and yield hits that remain in the minds of viewers and to enter the list of the most successful of all time. Meet the following movie soundtracks the best-selling albums in history:

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"The bodyguard"

Starring Whitney Huston and Kevin Costner, the film released in theaters in 1992 was a major box office success and its soundtrack shone also on radio stations around the world. Driven by music "I Will Always Love You", The album sold over 45 million copies.


"Dirty Dancing"

Filled with striking choreography and unforgettable dances, the film that turned Patrick Swayze in international star was released in theaters in 1987. The main song of the soundtrack, "I've Had The Time of My Life"Won Oscar for Best Song and boosted the sales of the album.


"Fever Saturday Night"

With dance music of the era disc, the album inspired by the movie starring John Travolta sold over 40 million copies worldwide and to date, is a reference for anyone who wants to relive the 70s The Bee Gees is big disco star, released in 1997.



Indeed, Celine Dion is the most responsible for the big sale of the soundtrack of the film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Your music, "My Heart Will Go On", Played in all the world radios and even took the Best Song Oscar in 1998. The album sold over 30 million copies.


"Grease - In times of Grease"

With over 28 million copies sold worldwide, the 1978 movie soundtrack also joined the list of successes. Starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, the musical that brought millions of people to the cinema recalls, with his songs and costumes, youth of the '60s.


"Purple Rain"

Starring the singer Prince, the film surprised to make blockbuster, which will further boost the sales of the soundtrack based on the film. The album is by the own pop musician who starred in the story.


"Top Gun - Top Gun"

The film 1986 was responsible for leveraging Tom Cruise's career, he was a hit at the box office and dictated fashion in the 80s The main song of the soundtrack inspired by the long, "Take My Breath Away", Played by singer Kenny Loggins, it is to this day remembered for couples in love.


"Forrest Gump - The Storyteller"

The soundtrack of the 1994 film, a true collection of classic songs from the American music, as successful as the feature film starring Tom Hanks. Worldwide, the album has sold over 19 million copies.

the king-lion-desenho.jpg

"The Lion King"

Besides being one of the most successful cartoon film history, "The Lion King" repeated success with its soundtrack, the best-selling of an animation today. About 15 million copies of the album were sold worldwide, driven by themes sung by Elton John.



The musical 1984 launched the career of actor Kevin Bacon and led millions of young cinema worldwide. The soundtrack based on the feature film, full of danceable songs also enjoyed success and sold about 15 million copies.

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