Castor oil is the solution to hair loss and failures; know how to use

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Originally extracted from castor beans, the Castor oil is the new darling in the care of the hair. Besides having moisturizing potential, it has antibacterial and antifungal action, which helps strengthen the scalp, preventing loss and stimulating hair growth.

Benefits of Castor Oil

A dermatologist Elizete Kaffer, expert trichology of Shalon Clinic Campinas (SP), explains that in cases where the flaws in the hair are caused by bacterial or fungal contamination, the product can be useful because it helps in controlling the proliferation of microorganisms. "But in severe cases of resistant fungi in the capillary inflammatory process is intense, if not treated quickly and specifically can evolve and be replaced by scar the scalp and hair irreversible loss. So when in doubt, always consult your doctor", Guides.

As for treat hair loss, when caused by dehydration and subsequent capillary fracture castor oil is excellent. But in cases where the hair loss is hormonal or metabolic, there is no clinical improvement.

castor castor oilWasanajai / ShutterstockÓleo is originally extracted from castor beans

How to use

For faster results, apply the castor oil on the scalp before bedtime, day in and day out, and always wash the next day to get up. For a long-term treatment, apply every two weeks a mixture of one tablespoon of oil soup for two mask tablespoons. And washing in 2 to 4 hours after application.

On a daily basis, you can also use castor oil as a finisher, without rinsing. "In diluted doses it can be applied in wired moisturizing and sealing effect. But never use before the dryer and flat iron to react at high temperatures", alert.

castor oil washing hairNotarYES / ShutterstockApós product application, hair should be washed normally

Care when applying

She further explains that the ideal is always use it diluted in other products, because depending on the amount, can cause obstruction of the capillary pores by oil, worsening the fall. "The famous phrase 'the difference between medicine and poison is the dose, "can be applied to it as well. Depending on the concentration and exposure time can cause irritation on the scalp, so never expose yourself to the sun after application"He says.

Also, be careful when applying to avoid contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes in sun exposure and avoid unwanted sun spots. The use is also contraindicated in pregnant women.

Where to buy

Castor oil can be found in pharmacies and markets, but the professional recommends researching the origin and purity before using, as there are several suppliers, depending on the type of extraction technique - cold or hot pressing or dehydration - achieve a higher or lower potential.


All these factors also affect the cost of the product. The values ​​range from 20 to 200 actual every 20 ml.

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