Taking the shine of oily skin: step by step to degrease

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Who has more oily skin know how that accumulated brightness throughout the day can disturb. At the same time, keep the strip completely opaque face radiance. As control the brightness skin, then? The site of the Women's US Health listed a step by step how to make the free oily skin from unwanted glare.

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Tips for oily skin

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1. Choose the perfect soap. oily skin typically ask cleaning with salicylic acid products having in their composition. It is a chemical oil-soluble, which means that it helps remove excess sebum from the skin without drying out too.

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2. Do not wash the excess face. This can make it happen the phenomenon called "oils rebound-": With removing excess sebum and face manipulation, the glands understand that they must produce more oils, and shot just backfires: the skin is more oily. It is best to wash in the morning and evening.

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3. Add bracing to your beauty routine. This step helps to make the skin back to its normal pH, remove dirt, oil and some other remnant of that after cleaning with the soap itself. Also, toning helps narrow the pores - this blocks the return of excessive sebum - a combination of dead cells and fat secreted by the sebaceous glands.

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4. Be sure to stop sunscreen. You may feel that it increases the oiliness and shine, but there are several own formulas for oily skin: just look for protectors indicating that are textured "matte". Choose a minimum of SPF 30 and in use every day. It's what you can do to protect against skin cancer and premature aging.

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5. Bet on primers. They are powerful against glare. They have waxes and polymers that create a more uniform basis and fat free for makeup application. The primer also helps to prevent the make "drain" during the day, while that leaves the skin dull too, giving that "health air".

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6. Choose a light coverage foundation. Less is more, avoid too heavy bases or more layers which will give an artificial air "spackling" to his face. Can drain, will crease or even clog the pores, causing acne. One option is to bet on a base stick, which also helps disguise dark circles and scars.

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7. Do not apply powder compact in the middle of the day. It sounds like a great and practical outlet to get that glow that was accumulated, but this only serves to further smother your pores and produce more sebum and irritation beneath that make layer. anti-glare wipes are a good alternative in this case, since it was developed exclusively to reduce sweat and excess oil. Moreover, they will not remove the makeup that is already there.

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8. Do not use heavy moisturizers. If you arrive at night and a very oily moisturizer is used, any day of the work to keep the shine-free skin will be in vain. It is best to bet on some hydrating water-based and oil-free. Hyaluronic acid is one of the best moisturizing ingredients for oily skin, and there is the advantage that it also helps to firm the skin.

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