Rockers that are as or more conservative than your parents

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The Rock is not always synonymous with rebellion, sometimes it can mean conservatism and even postures and extreme, as guitarristaTed Nugent who laments the fact that his country, the United States, have not bombed Iraq, as they did with Nagasaki, Japan . Meet other musicians who have conservative speeches, often in the name of patriotism:

the Reaças
The very name of the band already giving speech tone the pair of Curitiba formed by Luiz Trevizani and Eder Borges, who joined for his musical and ideological affinities, have to say. With the demonstrations against the current government, the band wasted no time and released a song called 'Impeachment'.

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Ted Nugent
The hard rock guitarist has always made clear its ultraconservative vision. Including the statement that the big mistake of the United States in Iraq was not to bomb the Middle Priente the country the same way you did to Nagasaki, Japan.


Despite his rebel career start and watered the drugs (which he has publicly admitted several times), Lobão was shown to have embraced conservatism, including at times praised the military dictatorship that government the country from 64 to 85. It had stakes in movements in favor of impeachment of President Dilma and released a song called "the possession of Impostors" reaffirming his criticism.

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Elvis Presley
Elvis supported the Republican Richard Nixon in his campaign and criticized the Beatles and Rolling Stones by condoning drug. Ally of the president who was known by the Watergate scandal and his subsequent resignation (sent people invaded the Democratic Party office in Washington), the rocker came to charter a plane to visit Nixon at the White House after writing a long letter of six pages showing their support for the president.


Roger, guitarist and vocalist of the band Outrage Wear, became involved in an argument with Marcelo Rubens Paiva, writer, journalist and son of Rubens Paiva, who disappeared during the struggle against the military regime. He said Rubens Paiva had not fought for him and his family because none of his family was doing anything 'wrong'. Roger also has publicly criticized some political names like Jean Willys, PSOL deputy. He also criticizes the young leftists claiming that possess this political thought because they are banked by parents. Roger does not consider the right or left, but says that his inclination is to the right because of his honesty and work since "The left is dishonest and slut in most cases." Remember that Roger is ourindo a family inside the possessions of.

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Johnny Ramone
Supported Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. The band entrance party for the Hall of Fame in 2002, Johnny said "God bless President Bush" and "People when younger doubt of liberalism, however, believe that they change when faced with the reality of the world." In his autobiography, Johnny cites the top 10 Republican history and reinforces your thinking "right" throughout the text.

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