Meet the first 4 exclusive series of YouTube Red

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Announcing the service YouTube Red, which allows the best known video site to compete with the internet streaming market, Google (Or Alphabet) has made it clear that he wants to get this win.

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So he announced that will also feature exclusive series - like the Netflix and, in the United States, Amazon and Hulu.

They were recorded in studios known as YouTube Space in Los Angeles (USA). The idea is to create other spaces like this, next to office London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, Mumbai and even in Sao Paulo (At the time, however, the Red YouTube is still unavailable in Brazil).

Check below the first exclusive productions announced by YouTube Red:

# 1 "A Trip to Unicorn Island"

comedian Lilly Singh embarks on the challenging task of traveling through 26 cities around the world in order to find what it preaches both: happiness. Because it's the only fight worth it.

# 2 "Dance Camp"

A story about unlikely friendships and triggering passions from the dance.

# 3 "Entertainment Team"

Four boys unpopular stumble in alien ship that carries something mysterious. Then, they find that they need to battle to save the Earth from danger.

# 4 "Scare PewDiePie"

The famous youtuber PewDiePie It features the work of creators and executive producers of the series "The Walking Dead", a journey that is faced with unlikely situations inspired by the games.

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