The best songs of the soundtrack of James Bond

007 songs

Bond, James Bond. Surely he is one of the most famous fictional characters of the story. In the film, one of the "heroes" most copied of all time. The trajectory of the secret agent written by Ian Fleming began in 1953 and since then fascinates audiences around the world. The theme music created especially for the character of the films are also significant and often anticipated by fans of the saga. Meet the best songs that packed the stories of 007, according to the site "Huffington Post":

"007 Goldfinger "

The 1964 film featured music "Goldfinger", Played by Shirley Bassey. Listen here.

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"007 - The Spy Who Loved Me"

The 1977 film featured music "Nobody Does It Better", Played by Carly Simon. Listen here.

"With 007 Live and Let Die"

The 1973 film featured music "Live and Let Die", Played by Paul McCartney & Wings. Listen here.


"007 In Mira Of Assassins"

The 1985 film featured music "A View to a Kill", Played by Duran Duran. Listen here.

"007 - Diamonds Are Forever"

The 1971 film featured music "Diamonds Are Forever", Played by Shirley Bassey. Listen here.

"With only 007 Live Twice"

The 1967 film featured music "You Only Live Twice", Played by Nancy Sinatra. Listen here.


"007 - Operation Skyfall"

The 2012 film featured music "Skyfall", Played by Adele. Listen here.

"007 GoldenEye"

The 1995 film featured the song "GoldenEye", Played by Tina Turner. Listen here.

"Moscow Against 007"

The 1963 film featured music "From Russia With Love", Played by Matt Monro. Listen here.

"007 Against Thunderball"

The 1965 film featured music "Thunderball", Played by Tom Jones. Listen here.

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