Marrow to the hair


You paint, use dryer, flat iron, you do everything with your hair. After a while feels that he needs a forcinha more to return to what it was before. This is where looking the most diverse components to give a knack in damage.

One of the options on the market when it comes to hydration of locks, it's the marrow. The name may seem a little strange and many questions come to mind. The marrow - the substance removed from the marrow of cattle bones - is an active efficient enough to treat weakened and brittle hair. Rich in collagen, the marrow closes the wire leaving the scales flexible, revitalized and resistant to breakage.

So if you usually read the labels of their products or see on several levels of the market cosmetic lines for hair marrow, feel comfortable to experiment and test what this magic word can do. "It is rich in minerals, proteins and carbohydrates, is often also used as beef marrow oil and gives softness, shine and softness," said the hair therapist Sheila Bellotti.


It does not stop there. The cosmetics industry is now investing in solid lines with marrow. The new? O vegetable marrow, which is extracted from the sap of bamboo, rich in minerals, carbohydrates and proteins. While hydrates beef marrow and conditions the plant makes more "plus other active promises hydrate, restore, nourish, and provide emolliency treating the hair fiber" explains Sheila.

But not all women can abuse this asset - who have oily hair should take some care with the continued use of beef marrow. "When not treated properly, do not usually tolerate the continued use of beef marrow, which contains fat. They are more suitable for dry or chemically treated hair, which exhibit dryness. In this case is indicated vegetable marrow, "warned Sheila.

The marrow, whether animal or vegetable, helps your hair to gain more life and revitalization and may be worth testing! "It depends on the condition of your hair and the type of product you are using. But today we find cosmetics, plus assets beyond the marrow offer more brightness, smoothness, softness and combing after two or three applications, "points Sheila Bellotti.

Collaborated Patrícia Teixeira


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