final stretch of “Let there be heart”: Tancinha marries Beto and ignores to find scam

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THE soap opera "there heart" It is coming to the finish line! What everyone wants to know is who Tancinha (Mariana Ximenes) will stay, because the protagonist has all the plot divided between Beto (João Baldasserini) and Apollo (Malvino Salvador).

Now, the outcome seems to be close: she is going to marry Bob. But there are still many controversies coming up.

Wedding Tancinha and Beto

Tancinha is finally happy with what's going on in your life. In addition to be married, she and Bob got the custody of three brothers, Carol (Bruna Griphao), Nicolas (Henry Fiuka) and Bia (Melissa Nóbrega).

But on the big day, a bomb falls into their hands. Before the ceremony, Bob confesses to her that pitched to separate her from Apollo, which leaves completely bewildered bride. Meanwhile, among the guests, it is a social worker, which can ruin the adoption process if the marriage does not happen.

So even hurt, Tancinha accepts to marry Bob, just to ensure custody of the children. In the following weeks, however, it starts to avoid and despise her husband.

Did Apollo still have a chance with the protagonist? What will it happen? Keep an eye on the next chapters of the novel!

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