home remedies to eliminate ants and cockroaches

home remedies to eliminate ants and cockroaches 2

Nothing more uncomfortable than meet with the detestable insects at home. Ants appear for all kitchen corners, and cockroaches proliferate in a truly amazing way! The more we try to fight these bugs, more appear. There are so many that often, we end up resigning and start to live with his presence. But none of this is necessary! Today, we present them effective home remedies to eliminate ants and cockroaches.

eliminate ants

  • Sprinkle the bottom of talc doors and windows.
  • Sprinkle red pepper or paprika in places where there are ants.
  • With a bottle with spray, pour a little vinegar in the areas that these insects inhabit.
  • Place one oregano branch in the pantry for keep the ants away from food.
  • Place sprigs of lavender or lavender in places where you have problems with these animals.
  • Prepare a mixture of sugar and borax. Put in place affected by these insects, and see how this poison works.
  • Place bags of coffee in the garden and around the house. ants can not stand the smell.

eliminating cockroaches

  • Add two measures of ammonia to the water used to clean the floors. Then, throw the dirty water down the drain.
  • Prepare a mass containing boric acid and breadcrumbs and put it in places where cockroaches have problems.
  • Clean the floor with bay cerejo water.
  • Put sodium bicarbonate over the lettuce leaves and place them behind the heaters and refrigerators.
  • put bay leaves crushed at the bottom of doors and windows.

Follow our advices and get rid of once and for all those nasty insects.

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