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For those who like to decorate the house with flowers, put some in the bathroom is an excellent choice to leave the lighter and sophisticated atmosphere. Not to err in the choice, it is necessary to take into account factors such as space, ambient lighting and willingness to take care of the plant. Thinking about it, we separate 5 species plants to decorate the bathroom. Check it.


With discrete and ornamental foliage, this species can grow up to 15 centimeters. To grow it in the bathroom is necessary to find a shady spot, such as a bench, as the plant can not stand direct sunlight. Plant facyl care, cash-in-just a bunch it requires watering every other day and fertilizing every two months.


With showy leaves, violet is a good choice of elements to decorate the bathroom. It is necessary that is near the window, where you can receive plenty of light without being directly exposed to the sun. In the case of violets, the tip so that your flowers last longer is just watering the earth and never leaves twice a week.

Desert Rose

The Adenium is an excellent option for those who have large bathrooms, well-lit and ventilated. A dwarf version of this plant reaches up to 15 cm tall and requires simple care: a cup of water every three days.

Sword-de-Saint-jorge anã

A miniature version of St. George sword reaches up to 20 cm tall and is a good option to stay on the bathroom floor because it requires no overhead lighting. Moreover, the species adapts well to dry soils and therefore it is necessary to water it only once a week.


This species of fern native of Asia is indicated for those who have space in the bathroom. That's because its leaves can reach up to 90 centimeters of expansion. The plant can be placed on the ground and to receive the necessary light, allocate it near the window.

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