Queen of indirect, Deborah is considered the villain of the 4th edition of “Masterchef Brazil”

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The administrator Deborah Werneck It is one of the semifinalists "Masterchef Brazil", Next to Vernon and Michele, and had a path, say, controversy here. Outspoken, with attitudes and aggressive comments at times, the participant was crowned villain of the program. Remind some tense moments participant in the reality show.

Deborah on Masterchef

Disagreement with Jacquin

In one of the programs, she gained even more antipathy of the public by refusing to greet the jury Erick Jacquin.

The chef has not received very well the criticism Jacquin, who said that the dish was bad. "I'm sorry for you. Congratulations, "said the juror, reaching out to Deborah, who refused to shake it.

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Disagreements with Fogaça

Another juror who also had a direct encounter with Deborah was Fogaça. The chef has heavily criticized the participant on several occasions, and in one of them the businesswoman went on to say that he was "crazy". In social networks, Deborah explained that his statement was taken out of context and that she was referring to a critic Fogaça that did not air.

In another challenge - this time, Tuju's restaurant - the participant fumbled during the race and heard from Fogaça: "The thing're ugly, you know? 're really ugly. It is to take the apron and walk away, right?". Direct, she did not hesitate to answer up to: "You can now deliver the apron? I go straight to eliminate because, really, I'm not holding pressure not". The climão reigns between these two!

Critical participants

To Victor, a friend of Deborah, was critical of her target after a win in the program. "Sorry, but Victor is one of the worst cooks have here. The guy made a puree, put in the pan. This is to boast about? "He said.

In addition, Deborah also took the opportunity to give that general nudge in more "emotional" competitors. "I am totally in favor of meritocracy. I will never say that my food is inspired by my grandmother or be saying 'oh, my father is my sworn'. I hate this kind of thing, "he said.

Deborah x Yuko

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One of the moments that marked the turn of Deborah in villain was the ironic comment from her about the output of Yuko, one of the participants more darlings of this edition.

On the Internet, of course, the program of the public also spoke out against Deborah. In addition to advocating Yuko, many people commented on the antipathy of the chef.

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