6 tips to deflate the body

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The feeling of swelling in the body after meals is closely related, of course, food. However, other factors also contribute to this nuisance, which may even cause weight gain. Check out practical tips to prevent swelling.

Warm water with lemon

In the morning, a cup of warm water with lemon can be effective to speed up metabolism and awaken the digestive system and prevent the body is very swollen during the day.

Papaya with pineapple

A juice or fruit salad papaya with pineapple are also good options for deflate the belly. This is because these fruits contain enzymes that help break down proteins and facilitate digestion, thus reducing the feeling of swollen belly.

eat slowly

Eating too fast can cause air to be trapped in the body. Therefore, it is important to chew more often and more slowly.

Avoid chewing gum

The habit of chewing gum too often it can cause you end up swallowing a lot of air, which causes bloating. In addition, many chewing gums have lots of sugar, which can make the problem worse.

Moderate the amount of food

If you ever notice that you feel too full after meals, you may be exaggerating the amount of food. To avoid discomfort, moderate in the pan size to find a portion that satisfies hunger without weighing in the stomach.

Time to sleep

The quality of sleep is very important to regulate metabolism. So little sleep can leave the body slower than usual, which will make it difficult to digest food, encouraging food buildup in the body longer.

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