Green tea: 5 secrets of how to use in the diet

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O green tea already is a known ally of healthy diet and its benefits for the rapid weight loss have been proven scientifically. A 2011 study published by the Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, confirmed that drinking tea every day, even without exercise or changing the diet helps reduce measures, to burn calories and to improve cardiovascular health.

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Benefits of Green Tea

To make beautiful and consume green tea for weight loss the right way, check out five tips on how to use the herb to enhance the effects of the scheme and boost the functioning of the body.

Green Tea Diet: Important Tips

ideal amount

According to experts, the ideal is to consume three to four cups of 200 ml of drink per day. To maximize its effect, the tip is to drink slimming tea morning, afternoon and night, always fasted before or after meals.

Green tea: how to make tastier

Try as they may, many people can not get used to the bitter taste of the drink. In such cases, mix the herb with other types of tea, such as melissa, cinnamon and lemongrass, which besides being tastier, also aid in weight loss.

Best way to consume green tea

Take the tea bag or dust, because the roasting and grinding the herb undermine Benefits of Green Tea. Prefer to infuse with fresh tea leaves, coarsely cut with his fingers.

Recipes with green tea

Add to drink thinning in some light recipes can be a great way to enjoy its benefits. Mousses, juices, smoothies and even cakes can be delicious with a light touch of slimming tea.

Green tea with ginger

Experts warn: the daily consumption of water should be less than two at the net, so that the body is always healthy. An easy and pleasant way to ingest the drink is to mix infusion of green tea and ginger slices. In addition to improving the taste, vegetables contribute to weight loss and accelerate metabolism.

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