How to eliminate termites

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Termites are small eusocial insects, that is, living in huge underground colonies and live in society with others of their kind. Their main source of food is the wood, transforming the termites into a nightmare for those who have furniture and internal structures of the house, made with the material. If it is installed in the home and start devouring furniture, losses can be countless. For kill termites and leave home protected this domestic plague, check out some tips to eliminate them.

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Termites: how to find

Generally, insects are hidden inside the furniture and walls, in large galleries, making it almost impossible to see any of them wandering around the house. However, after feeding the termites release very firm stool, which resemble wood powder of itself. The accumulation of waste forms a discreet trail, which helps to locate them.

Insecticide for wood floors

The wooden floor is also susceptible to damage from termites, if the necessary preventive measures are not taken. According to the researcher of the Institute Montana Chemistry, Jackson Vidal, there is a type of immune floor to attack the plague. "The wooden floor 'engineered', produced with a sheet of hardwood and base reforestation wood is treated with a chemical preservative called Osmose CP50, an insecticide of high efficiency and low toxicity," explains the expert.

Research carried out at the Institute of wood compared two samples, one treated with preservative and one without any treatment, they were exposed to a group of termites 40 for 45 days. "After this period, the sample without insecticide suffered excessive wear, with a mortality of 59% of the termites, while the part treated with Osmose CP50 100% death was observed insects and no wear of the wood," says Vidal.

Two homemade recipes to eliminate termites

An easy and inexpensive way to end termites It is to mix a cup of tea bleach with one liter of water, and pour the places where animal feces were found. The solution will penetrate the underground galleries, making toxic to termites.

Another tip for home andinjunction insects It is to mix three tablespoons of salt, three tablespoons of dishwashing detergent soup and one liter of hot water. When the mixture is ready, pour in points with termite existence of signs.

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