4 things we already know about the car of Apple

apple concept carAristomenis Tsirbas

Mal launched the gadget Apple Watch, the company now led by Tim Cook is eyeing another market: cars.

A different Google strategy, which has proved to the world that is carrying out several tests for your own car, Apple maintains its manufacturing secret. The little that is known has been revealed by the British newspaper The Guardian - the evidence proves that the car of Apple may be closer than we imagine reality.

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Tests are being made
"We are trying to understand the time and the availability of space, and how to coordinate with others who are also using," said the engineer Frank Fearon, confirming the possibility of Apple be working on car tests. He would have met with officials GoMentum station, a place with cobbled streets which is 40 miles from Silicon Valley and was used by US Marine during the period of World War II. "We had to close a non-disclosure agreement with Apple," said the company's executive director who heads the GoMentum, Randy Iwasaki. "We can not say more than that: they came and were interested."

To accomplish autonomous tests with cars, Apple would have to deliver documents with technical and commercial details and thus obtain a license from the Department of Motor Vehicles of the State of California. companies like Google, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen have such authorization, therefore perform tests on the Silicon Valley vicinity.

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apple car conceptdisclosure

electric car self-direction
Thousands of engineers work secretly a few miles from Apple's main office, developing a electric car self-direction which, it is believed, it is close to take to the streets. "We would like to meet us to keep things going and keep our testing schedule," says one of the managers of this program, Jack Hall.

"Final Mobile"
"The car is the ultimate mobile device. We are exploring a handful of different markets, "said senior vice president of Apple, Jeff Williams. The clues to the possibility of a car brand were in the air; at the time, he said on the application "CarPlay", which allows iPhone users use the phone as a navigation system to control the car.

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