Beer in hair moisturizes and adds volume. But it’s worth? doctor answers

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Every now and then some homemade recipes to moisturize the hair fashion seen on the internet. The turn is the hydration with beer: Many blogs and websites recommend the procedure, saying that the drink is able to leave the brightest, soft and strong wires. Myth or truth?

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Beer in hair do well?

Alberto Cordeiro dermatologist told the Bolsa de Mulher already tested the technique moisturize your hair with beer and his conclusion was: to help hydrate, but not worth it.

"I tested it, but I crazy to use beer for this purpose. The smell is very, very unpleasant. I see no reason to stay with beer smell in the hair, and there are creams on the market that have better effect and will not let the wire with this odor", resume. Ie gives moisturize your hair at home other more effective ways - but the beer, in fact, does not hurt and can indeed have a temporary improvement effect on the wires.

Beer hydrates the hair?

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Lamb explains that the malt and hops present in the composition of the fluid give more shine to the hair and have a certain power of hydration. Furthermore, the liquid is vitamin B and magnesium, which also contribute to let the wires with a better appearance.

However, the dermatologist warns: "There is a long-term treatment. Will leave the thread of the most beautiful hair at the time, because the beer acts only superficially, and not in the hair bulb. After a while, the next wash cycle, for example, the effect already out".

Beer hydrating hairThinkstockCerveja gives thickens a bit the wires, but does not help to clear

Some people report that use Beer to give the hair volume. The doctor says that what happens is that the beer leaves a little wires "clingy", Which gives the impression of a more voluminous hair and facilitates, for example, to model the wires. "But it's nothing impressive. It's a bit of volume only, and, after washing, returns to what it was before"He explains.

Beer in hair lightens?

Some recipes also say the beer components leave the lighter hair, but according to the dermatologist, it does not.

Beer recipe for hair

Lamb emphasizes that finds unnecessary to make use of the technique, since the smell is, he said, "unbearable". But if you still want to test, just take the following precautions: buy one without alcohol or beer, if using one with alcohol, let her open for two hours before using the wires, to take some of the alcohol content and fermentation. The dermatologist explained that alcohol dehydrates the hair a lot, and that the effect may be the opposite if you do not follow this recommendation.

In the bath, apply the shampoo normally, rinse and then pour the beer in the hair all, leaving it to act with some minutes and remove with water. "You will feel the very hard wires. Need to use conditioner after that will leave more flexible, and, finally, just rinse well"Teaches Lamb.

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"But is such a bad smell that does not pay. This hydration with beer is no revolution. There are no nutrients in it so special to justify its use. I do not recommend, because we have other much better options on the market, but if you want to do from time to time, no problem"Concludes the dermatologist.

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