5 series on dinosaurs you should watch

5 series about dinosaurs you should assitirdisclosure
Not only is the film we find dinosaurs. There are great series on the topic and bring prehistoric creatures. We list a few that you may not know and other animated series that can take you to childhood and bring nostalgic memories.

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5 - Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

After a natural disaster, humans were forced to live underground. Years later, rising to the surface, they saw that extinct crtiaturas returned to inhabit the earth.
As technology was little, anyone who knew about it was important, as was the case of Jack, the main character of the series, which is also a fan of Cadillacs. The animated series also deals with various topics related to ecology.
4 - Fight Jurassic
O "history Channel" brought through animations, very realistic big fights between dinosaurs. Every week two different species faced. Although it was an educational program, it brought a lot of action.

3 - The Land Before Time

Perhaps you remember the animated movie "The Land Before Time". There is also a series that follows the adventures of Littlefoot and his friends, who live in trouble during the valley search in travel, it would be a kind of refuge for herbivores that were often threatened by tyrannosaurs.
2 - Newfoundland

The series "Terra Nova" focuses on a family traveling 85 million years to the Cretaceous period, to take advantage of the resources that no longer exist. The series was produced by Steven Spielberg and canceled on the first season. It was still enough to earn recognition.
1 - The Family Dinosaur

Who does not remember the Baby screaming, "It's Mom." The series brings nostalgia for anyone who remember the 90s Prehistoric family was gracious and brought interesting characters. If you really like dinosaurs and humor, we recommend that you watch.

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