wallpaper with coated furniture help innovate the decoration

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You know that mobile you no longer want? The wood is worn, the color does not like you and matches no longer with the new room? Do not throw it away! The fashion now is to give new look to the old mobile.

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Many people are betting on wallpaper for "reupholster" the furniture of the bedroom, living room, kitchen and even the bathroom. The wallpapers have numerous designs, colors and finishes that make your even more cozy atmosphere.

"The wallpaper can be applied to any type of mobile: new or old. However, if the mobile has some varnish layer ideally sand it before applying the glue paper to better secure the wood"Explains Geisa Cardoso, director of Company K&G Wallpaper and decorations.

It also says that the application process in the wood is used in the same wall. "The glue used is a powder, which diluting water. It is not chemically and has no smell"Explains Geisa Cardoso.

The process is simple: after diluting the glue is only apply it on the wallpaper back and reapply the desired mobile. In the corners, cut with stylus in order to bypass the movable and remove the excess glue if it exceeds.

"This practice is used to give a new face to old furniture or in poor condition. It's also used by people who buy old apartment which has planned mobile and do not like the existing model, then choose to renew environmental decoration"Explains Geisa Cardoso.

The idea is innovative, practical and leaves no dirt and no smell. After a few hours of application can now handle it as usual.

And if for some reason want to change the wallpaper for not liked, or paint the future environment and find that the mobile color matches not just remove it and apply another taste.

"The wallpaper on mobile is a great choice to renew the environment. People today seek practicality, economy and beauty. And this application meets the three basic requirements"Concludes Geisa Cardoso.

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