As the sausage is made; this video shows (prepare the stomach!)

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His mother, or probably someone else in your circle of friends may have told you that sausage (As well as nuggets) has everything but what he should have in the sausage! But what exactly are they made? They are so disgusting it? We found a video that explains well how the process (and it is good to prepare the stomach - is not pleasant!).

What is it made sausage?

Some sausages of better quality, such as kosher or red meat are made without fillers and no artificial colors or flavors.

But hot dogs are created by so-called "meat emulsion," which most often receives chemicals, fats and thickeners.

But the truth is that everything is a great mix - picks up first beef scraps or swine, which are ground and extracted to look like a hamburger ground beef. Then the chicken residues are added (if any), and the mixture is combined (or emulsified) to turn a meat batter.

And from there you can see for yourself. It is only for the strong!

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