Datena daughter teaches homemade recipes masks for face and hair

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In addition to maintaining a diet of 1800 calories daily, the model and presenter Letícia Wiermann, daughter of Datena, practicing various physical exercises like beach tennis, running and functional training to keep 54 kg well over 1.73 m.

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Vain, she also fancies in beauty care. "I insist to clean skin thoroughly to remove makeup, makeup remover use, tonic, astringent. In the body, moisturizing and exfoliating twice a week", account. And it has some homemade recipes that they are easy to make, and very economical.

homemade masks for skin and hair

coffee grounds in the face

"To make this mask, mix the coffee grounds with honey and apply all over the face. Do every 15 days, it is to deflate and brighten the skin", account. After applying the mask, the skin should be washed normally.

Aloe vera to hydrate

The tip is applied to pulp aloe leaf in wires for 20 minutes to give shine and strength. "Apply once a month to hydrate".

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