Sesame milk to strengthen the brain

sesame milk to strengthen the brainIstockphoto / Thinkstock

Already quite popular in the kitchen, sesame can also produce a tasty and powerful milk to strengthen the body. With remarkable beneficial action for the nervous system, this vegetable milk It is a good choice for brain supercharge. This is because it helps the circulatory process, improving blood flow and balancing the pH of the blood.

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Improve memory

The minerals present in sesame seeds are beneficial also for the memory: vitamins these elements help renew cells and stimulate brain function. In this sense, the drink can also be a good ally for delaying the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

How to prepare

Soak the sesame seeds for eight hours and then hit with four cups of water. Each seed cup will yield about four glasses of milk.

Tip: with crushed sesame waste can make a vegetarian cheese. Just temper it with oil, oregano and salt and mix until the mass achieves consistency of cheese.

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