Breast milk: doctor answers questions

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A major concern of the women is in relation to breast milk. Will it be enough? Can he be weak? From what month of pregnancy it starts to be produced?

Breast milk:

Breast milk may be weak or insufficient?

8 tips to increase breast milk production

Breast milk: meet the different types

The pediatrician Marcelo Reibscheid explains that it varies greatly. "There are women who only have this production after the baby's birth and, on the other hand, in other milk may be produced and leave the breast from 20 weeks of gestation. There is no rule"He says.

breast milk production

Breast milk is produced by the action of a hormone called prolactin. According to the doctor, after its production it will be excreted by another hormone called oxytocin. To all this, the milk will use as "feedstock" the components maternal, such as water, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and glucose. "It is very important that pregnant women and mothers know that if it has a balanced and balanced diet, can feed the baby the time you want and your body will not miss any component and / or substance"He says.

It is always important to remember that breastfeeding it is advisable to six months old, uniquely, it has all the nutrients necessary for the development of the baby.

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