Amaranth benefits for pregnant women

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Pregnancy is a period of complete change in the body of women. The body is generating a new being and, therefore, needs some special care. After all, all that is done during the pregnancy period directly affects the baby's life.

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The power supply may be a main ally or towns. It is normal that some symptoms appear during the nine months and often, a balanced diet is enough to regulate the body again.

Among the most frequent problems is gestational anemia, which is normal, after all, the baby is growing and consuming all before existing iron stores in the mother's body. However, to prevent and treat it is necessary to appreciate by a diet rich in iron and vitamin C, a substance that facilitates the absorption of nutrients. Iron-rich foods are: beets, beans and amaranth. Among them, what stands out most is the amaranth.

Amaranth in pregnancy

Although less known than the other grains and seeds, amaranth, which is also known as the Andean beans, is highly nutritious and carries a high load of iron. Besides iron, seeds are also rich in minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, potassium and vitamins A and C.

In addition to the nutritional power, Amaranth is an excellent vegetable protein and do not contain gluten, so your digestion takes place quickly and easily.

Another recurring issue in management is the lazy bowel and vente prison. To avoid discomfort, the woman should appreciate by a mild food and easy to digest, so add Amaranth in feeding the pregnant can, in addition to fighting gestational anemia, facilitate bowel function.

How to eat amaranth

Consume the seed is not difficult. In health food stores you can find it whole, flakes or flour. In the kitchen, it can be used to replace or supplement the rice, such as flour or boiled beans, and can still add the amaranth flakes in green salads or fruit with yogurt.

Whenever possible, add the goji berry in the menu. The berry is rich in vitamin C and helps the absorption of the mineral.

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