Easter egg with Nutella Ferrero Rocher has a very easy trick in the middle

truffled egg nutella Ferrero RocherPlayback YoutubeDecore egg with candy Ferrero Rocher and crushed nuts

Surprise who you are gifting to your Easter egg customized by adding a surprise element in the filling. You only need to prepare the egg, usually melting the chocolate of your choice (milk or bitter) and covering the chosen form.

truffled egg nutella Ferrero RocherYoutubeCorte playing a piece of cake and fill the egg

After uninformed chocolate, use the egg shape to measure a piece of chocolate cake that fit inside the shell, to compose their contents. Melt a little hazelnut cream (for a few seconds in the microwave) and cover the cake, spreading evenly to completely hide the mass inside the egg.

truffled egg nutella Ferrero Rocher 2Playback YoutubeCubra the whole cake with melted hazelnut cream

Finally, decorate with some candy Ferrero Rocher and Smear egg edges with Nutella to sprinkle some crushed cashews.

Watch the complete walkthrough:

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