Homemade bread with condensed milk

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I say to make bread at home is almost a therapy. Prepare the dough, knead, give the format and then perfume the house with that smell of Homebread baking is indescribable.

The recipe that I bring today the Chef's Flavors was created by my aunt and passed to my mother, and me, when I left my parents' house, I made a point to learn how to prepare this soft bread, slightly sweet and a big hit among the whole family.

If you think making bread can be complicated, note that recipe homemade bread with condensed milk and see how easy it is to prepare it and give your face to it.

Recipe homemade bread with condensed milk.


  • 70 grs. of yeast for bread
  • 1 can condensed milk
  • 1 cup warm milk
  • 1 cup oil
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 pinch salt
  • About 1 kilo of wheat flour

Method of preparation:

Blend all ingredients except the flour in a blender. Take a bowl or large bowl and pour the mixture. Go slowly putting the flour and mix until the dough is smooth and unglued hand. Remove the dough from bowl and place on a floured surface. Go kneading the dough until it is very smooth.

Then cut the dough into six equal pieces and make the bread in the format you want. I like to open each piece of dough on hand even without roll and curl giving that homemade bread format. Place the bread on a baking sheet, cover with a kitchen towel and allow the dough to rise.

To know the exact time to bake bread, I put a small ball of dough ready in a glass of water, so the ball up the time is right to take the bread in the oven.

Bake in moderate oven until they are golden. Remove from oven and eat still warm with honey butter.

What did they think of this recipe Homebread? Guarantee is delicious!

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