dry lips: 2 foolproof tricks to let them lisinhos to wear lipstick

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The fall in temperature leaves chapped and dry lips. Time to go lipstick, these minor injuries tend to become even more visible. Asked the makeup artist Daniel Cunha, responsible for the beauty of famous as the actress Barbara Evans, how to deal with this aesthetic disaster. He revealed two secrets of the world of makeup, but which are actually beyond simple.

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Bepantol derma lip regenerator

Mainly before spending a matte lipstick - it adheres better to the lips, but in return is nothing moisturizer - the regenerating lip It is a great option. Daniel Cunha says that this simple trick is very common among professional makeup artists.

Besides helping to recover the mucosa, the product forms a film on the mouth, leaving her lisinha to receive the lipstick. "It is also indicated to pass before bedtime, as this helps to keep the mouth hydrated, preventing dryness"Is recommended.

Scrub lips with honey and sugar

The second trick also you can do at home, but with very careful not to hurt or exfoliate lips too. The tip of the professional is to mix honey and sugar. "Just spend a little on the lips, rub a little, and so they are soft, remove with water and apply the lip regenerator"He explains.

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