How do I know he loves me? 10 signs that a man is in love

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Romantic and dreamy, women often show more easily when they are in love. Men, being more closed, can sometimes confuse and not convey exactly what they feel in relation to partner. However, it is indeed possible to know when they are living in a most special moment. You want to know if he loves you? Check the signs that men give when they are in love:

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He shows truly interested in their conversation and hear what you have to say, debating and taking into consideration their opinions.

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He enjoys his company, accepted two programs that it usually does not toparia and does so effortlessly.

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It does not save words when praising you. The tone and the content, you will know that they are free of any interest honest opinions.

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The eye in the eye is still a good approximation signal between couples. If he makes direct eye contact with you during conversations and caresses, he is certainly passionate.

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He does not flee in time to meet her friends and is keen to introduce you to the family.

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They do not make games of seduction. That is, when they are in love, are present, bind and leave the woman waiting for an answer.

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He is not afraid to show weakness and shares with you issues and important moments of his life.

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It may seem even a little childish, but passionate men do everything to impress the woman he loves and to draw attention,

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It does not take you to add social networks and even makes sure to share with friends photos of moments at his side.

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No you press, you realize that it already includes you in future plans as travel and family commitments, for example.

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