DiCaprio may be the new Joker? 4 things you need to know to understand rumors

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Shortly after the revival of the Joker in the film, in "Suicide Squad", the villain seems to be close to winning a solo film, which tells the story of its origin.

But the main novelty is that the Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio is the most quoted name to live the great enemy of Batman. At least that's what Warner wants, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

But is that DiCaprio could even be the Joker? We have listed 4 reasons to consider.

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# 1 The film is to be directed by Martin Scorsese

The principal name tipped to direction is the winner filmmaker Oscar Martin Scorsese ( "The Departed"). And the partnership between him and DiCaprio is already well-established in the movies: the two have worked together on several long as "The Wolf of Wall Street," "The Aviator" and "Shutter Island", besides himself "The Departed."

So put Scorsese in direction would also be a strategy to bring DiCaprio to film, according to THR.

# 2 But since there is another Joker

What seems strange is to include two different Jokers in the same universe as the movie tells the story of the character we saw in "Suicide Squad" played by Jared Leto.

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In addition, the lead singer of "30 Seconds to Mars" already has a contract for the production of at least two films as the villain - one of them is the story of the relationship between he and Harley Quinn.

# 3 New Warner project?

However, according to the THR, Warner plans to expand the universe of DC in the cinema, producing original films on various characters from the comics, all with different actors.

Moreover, the idea of ​​the producer is to launch long more "serious" and sober - and, therefore, using acclaimed actors to give life to the heroes and villains.

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# 4 Do not style DiCaprio

It is still impossible to know whether Leonardo DiCaprio will accept or paper or not, but does not have much to do with the other work it in the movies. After films like "The Wolf of Wall Street", "The Return," "The Aviator," "Catch Me If You Can", among others, the actor was marked by dramatic and intense roles and productions with themes as well different heroes movies.

But we would like to see him as the Joker. And you think he would play well the clown?

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