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With a body the envy of many women, the actress Cameron Diaz, 41, decided to share with them their beauty secrets, health and fitness. She launched earlier this year, the book "The Body Book"With several Nutrition Tips, physical activity and other care body and mind. According to her, the goal is to restore the relationship of women with the body. "Women need to stop hating their bodies, understand them, take good care of them and turn that negative energy into positive"She said in an interview with USA Today.

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Diet Cameron Diaz

The actress herself said she experienced a real transformation since grown addicted to fast food and other fatty foods. "Everyone told me, 'You're so thin, you can eat whatever you want.' But I felt bad in my own body and I knew I needed to change. I discovered how to make a better version of the food we love"He said. Today, she cooks healthy food for herself, opting for whole and natural.

Physical exercises

In relation to exercise, she has always been very active as a child, but did many activities as an adult. He went to the movie "The Panthers" who had to work out and feel the difference. "I was 26 and had just quit smoking. With martial arts, I went from a lean body for a powerful and strong body. It was amazing to see the transformation and it woke me to see what my body could do", said. Since then, she never stopped exercising. "I do not look at exercise as a chore. I look like something I can do and I thank you because I can move my body this way".

But, she said, the main point is discipline. "At the heart of every successful person there is one thing in common: discipline. I could not reach any of those things without being disciplined", said. View other actress tips:

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Power to improve skin
Cameron says he had a lot of acne and tried to get rid of it with medication, but nothing helped for long. The trick was to cover with makeup, but she was already working as a model and was a challenge. Only after he left the fast-food and changed their eating style is that his skin began to clear. She says she realized that adjusting the power could change not only the skin but also your energy levels and stomach pains.

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Coffee reinforced morning
From an early age the actress has a habit, encouraged by his mother, to perfect the breakfast. According to her, the most important meal of the day helps make her can think better in the morning, and leave the skin brighter. "My makeup artist will not touch my face as I do not eat. Because as soon as I feed my skin changes and can hold the makeup, "he said.

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Plenty of water, always
'If I could give only one tip for healthy living, would be to drink plenty of water, "he said. That's the first thing she does wake up, knowing that, at night, while sleeping, the body is very dehydrated. Since you can not refill it during sleep, it is important to hydrate so wake up.

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Never stand still
For the actress, it is important to remember that all the time the body must be in motion. Not only during exercise, but continuously throughout the day. It suggests inserting simple activities like changing the elevator the stairs, walk after eating a meal, stir for five minutes every hour during work or even make contractions in the butt while brushing your teeth.

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No concern with age
Cameron says that getting older is a blessing and a privilege, and that if people establish early the foundation for a healthy life, you have the best years of their lives when they are older. She points out, however, that is not talking about appearances, but to feel young and strong. 'I feel better, stronger and more capable today. Have better care of myself in the past 15 years than I did in the first 26 years of my life, "he said.

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