Hydration with Bepantol

2013 hydration with 05 Bepantol

A safe product, low cost, easy access and many benefits, Bepantol It was initially used as an ointment for diaper rash babies, but ended up becoming the darling of women. Its use, in most cases, is for skin hydration, despite having as its main function to cicatrizarão. "The moisturizing effect is secondary, but it works well as a refreshing, especially on the lips, the skin and in mucous membranes. In general, the recommended is to be made from one to three applications of thin layer of ointment daily"Explains dermatologist Ricardo Fernandes Limongi, the Santa Cruz Hospital, in São Paulo.

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But the use of Bepantol for hair It is not recommended. The doctor explains that dexpanthenol (vitamin B5), which is the active principle of Bepantol has reparative effect and therefore is used as the basis for many products specially developed for capillary use. But the devotees of their use in hair opt for Bepantol solution, which is liquid and generally mixed with other ingredients in homemade recipes. "The medical indication of Bepantol scalp is restricted to cases of abrasions, wounds, postoperative and grafts, but not as a cosmetic. The home recipes are not indicated by dermatologists for lack of evidence of their effectiveness, but their dilution with water is perfectly acceptable"Says dermatologist.

Being an oily product, it is contraindicated in individuals and areas prone to acne because it can trigger or worsen the picture.

Tips on using Bepantol

  • Dry lips can be treated with Bepantol and Chamomile, according to the dermatologist Marcia Linhares. The doctor also advises that hydration is made preventively, not only when the problem arises.
  • Bepantol to strengthen nails is beauty secret actress Giselle Batista.

homemade beauty recipes

homemade hydrating faceThinkstock

moisturizing mask for your skin

To prepare a moisturizing mask for your skin, mix two tablespoons of Bepantol and two tablespoons of your favorite face moisturizer. Apply for 20 minutes to clean skin. Then clean the skin and apply sunscreen, which should be removed in the next morning. For best results, apply the mask at least three times a week.

hydrating homemade hairThinkstock

Beautiful hair

According hairstylist Sonia Nesi, homemade moisturizing with honey leaves the silky and soft wires. To make, mix 3 tablespoons honey 2 tablespoons olive oil + + ½ mashed avocado and apply the wires from two fingers below the root. Rub all the hair while applying the mixture, leave it for 20 minutes and rinse

homemade tip scoutThinkstock

against scout
lettuce mask, carrot and orange is antioxidant and it helps to lighten dark circles. Beat lettuce leaves, 1/3 carrot and a peeled orange. Once ready. Place circles cotton soaked with cold saline solution, this preparation will contract vessels and assist in local circulation. Then apply the paste over the cotton keeping your eyes closed and stay for 20 minutes. Rinse and apply sunscreen.

05 2013 Honey lip exfoliationThinkstock

exfoliating lip

Prepare a paste with 1 part sugar to 2 parts honey and apply on the lips with your fingers with gentle circular movements. Wait action and rinse the mouth following balm applying to ensure hydration.

homemade tip against chuleThinkstock

against foot odor

To prevent foot odor, a homemade option is to wash his feet with salt daily. To let your feet immersed for about 10 minutes in a bowl with warm water and four tablespoons of salt and let it dry naturally. Green and black tea can also be used in daily immersion of 15 minutes.

esfoilante homemade blackheadsThinkstock

Against blackheads and pimples

The pharmaceutical and cosmetologist Joyce Rodrigues teaches abrasive mask for oily skin: mix together ½ teaspoon (soup) oats in thin flakes +1 spoon (dessert) + green clay ¼ cup (tea) cold chamomile tea. When the mixture has a homogeneous appearance, apply to the face with gentle circular motions. Let stand for five minutes and rinse with cold water.

natural deodorant tipThinkstock

natural deodorant

To avoid irritation of the armpits, a good option is the natural deodorants. In the list of ingredients: one milk of magnesia, easily found in pharmacies, 15 drops of essential tea tree oil and 15 drops of lavender essential oil. To prepare, put the drops in the milk of magnesia, mix well by shaking the bottle. To use, simply spend little armpit.

05 2013 exfoliation lip bicarbonateThinkstock

Moisturizing lip

Mix baking with a little water to a paste. Using a toothbrush with soft bristles and straight, apply the solution, making circular movements. Rinse the mixture gently pat dry with a towel and apply a lip balm.

makeup remover homeThinkstock

makeup remover home

Mix one cup of water with a baby shampoo spoon and four baby oil droplets. Then just apply to the skin removing makeup.

olive hair maskThinkstock

capillary mask with oil

Recipe: 1 tablespoon olive oil + 3 tablespoons hydrating mask. Mix the two ingredients and let stand for 30 minutes. Important: do not pass at the root.

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