Dermatologist the famous teaches trick to shine in the hair

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Juliana Neiva, famous dermatologist as Paolla Oliveira and Bruna Marquezine, suggests the use of apple cider vinegar as a leave-in natural. "At the last moment the bath, mix apple cider vinegar with a little water and apply this liquid on the wires. This combination will give more hair shine, fibers and flexibility to avoid breakage"Teaches professional event for the Clear brand in São Paulo.

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Bruna has one of the requests hairs of TV Globo. Credit: Playback / Instagram

The dermatologist also warned that more than affect the aesthetics, the excess hot water can cause serious problems to the scalp. "O Hot shower dissolves the good fats that we have in the tissue of the head and the lack of these substances serve as a trigger for dermatitis, for example, dandruff".

Besides the homemade recipe for hair, Juliana explains that the ideal is to hormonal reviews to understand what the situation of the body and, oh yes, dealing with wires more precisely. "The evaluation helps to understand exactly what the hair situation, but some habits such as drinking lots of water, have a healthy diet and take warm baths are also well-aimed time to regain health of the wires"Advises professional.

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