Massage with coconut oil reduces swelling in pregnant women. How to make?

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The new darling of the famous aesthetic treatment as Giovanna Antonelli, Adriane Galisteu, Luiza Brunet and Gabriela Duarte, in addition to Thais Fersoza and Kelly Key moms, uses coconut oil in massage. The technical achievement fans every day for their smoother maneuvers that mimic the lymphatic drainage movements, only without the discomfort or pain. Learn more about the new massage technique using oil:

What is lipomodelagem organic?

The new technique, known as organic lipomodelagem, looks a lot like the maneuvers of lymphatic drainage, but with longer movements. It is indicated to reduce swelling and stimulate muscle reorganization and has benefits in people who want to fight cellulite or have circulation problems and retain much liquid as is the case for many pregnant women.

The massage which is performed with coconut oil, can be made up to twice a week, according to need. However, be careful when choosing professional and how will apply the maneuvers. The modeling massage, for example, can not be done in pregnant women.

The movements of normalizing massage tend to be very intense for pregnant women. In some cases, it can cause rupture of some blood vessels and predispose to thrombus formation, which can lead to obstruction of blood vessels.

How to make?

With coconut oil can be heated more quickly tissues to facilitate the activation of the circulatory system, as well as moisturizing and prevent streaking. Long coconut oil is recognized for its potential to restore hydration and tissues.

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The method has no contraindications, children, pregnant women, older people can make to the organic lipomodelagem. What changes in each case are applied movements. During pregnancy, the technique has the main objective of providing the body relaxation (muscle and skeletal) pregnant, and activate the blood and lymph streams.

Make any maneuver at slow speed, with slight movements in order to push the liquid up: the foot towards the groin. And the ideal is that massage is not made in the abdomen.

Pregnant women with uncontrolled hypertension who have had lymph changes (such as stroke) or who are in some untreated infection should avoid drainage, unless the doctor permits.

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