Facts about the life and career of Roberto Justus

roberto justus

Advertising and successful businessman, Roberto Justus He took a liking to fame after marriage to Adriane Galisteu and he became one of the most important presenters of the country. Meet five interesting facts about the famous:

1) Luis Roberto Justus was born in São Paulo on April 30, 1955, is the son of Hungarian immigrants, and in addition to host, is a member of one of the world's largest communication conglomerates.

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2) Before the fame, Justus took the family business of account until, in 1981, decided to go their own way. He would start advertising career as a partner in an advertising agency.

3) THE Roberto Justus career as a presenter began in 2004, at the command "The Apprentice", Brazilian version of the reality show "The Aprentice ", Led by Donald Trump in the US.


4) Roberto Justus has received numerous awards for his successful career as an entrepreneur and publicist. In 2013 he joined the list of 100 executives with the best reputation in the country. The first book published by entrepreneur, Building A Life, sold more than 80,000 copies.

5) Besides Adriane Galisteu, the presenter has been related to famous like Eliana and Ticiane Pinheiro. With the latter was married and had a daughter, Rafaella Justus.

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