What men think when they find the former

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You're walking quiet at the grocery store, at the mall or in the club and suddenly finds himself face to face with an ex. Given the situation, the heart beats faster, you feel cold in the spine and try to hide behind someone. The possible discomfort is common and believe it is also felt by men. They do not always admit it, but the encounter with the former can be quite embarrassing. Meet some of the thoughts that run through their minds when the fact happens:

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"Gee, I did well. She has aged, fattened and stopped caring".

"Look what I missed! She has improved a lot after we finished dating".

"Did she found out I cheated on her while we were together?"

"I realized that I miss it. Did I ask for a second chance?"

"I hope she can not see me behind this post".

"I hope she does not make a scandal here just because the relationship ended by phone".

"If she comes to see me, I will try to be charming just to see if she still likes me".

"If she pull talk, I will say that I was promoted at work and I'm only holiday in Brazil because I live in Europe".

"If she asks if I'm alone, I will say that I want to lead a life of bachelor".

"Grab bad if I get there and ask her if she does not want to pass by the motel for old times?"

"I'm not even a little jealous of this guy who is spotted with her".

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