Diet friend? Learn why Polenguinho can be actually a villain

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During the diet some foods are prioritized, especially if they are light and low calorie. However, not all of these items can be healthy due to the large amount of preservatives and components, such as sodium. An example is the famous cheese Polenguinho, which has guaranteed presence in some menus, but it is not exactly healthy.

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According to Camila Prata nutritionist, the product is sodium champion element that promotes water retention, leading to swelling and consequently weight gain. "So this is one of the evidence that Polenguinho fattening even in its light version. For this reason it must be consumed moderately"He explains.

Polenguinho hurt?

cottage cheese(Thinkstock) The nutritionist recommends opting for low-fat cheeses, such as cottageA nutrition consultant of the organic and whole grain products Phosther Algamar research firm, says the Polenguinho can actually be a villain: "It's nice and practical. But nutritious and healthy, not so much. If compare the Polenguinho to low-fat cheeses, such as light mines, cottage and ricotta, it has more fat, calories and sodium".

The Polenguinho is also rich in preservatives so it can be kept out of the refrigerator, to have long life. "The validity of a Polenguinho is 210 days. But the white cheese is one week at most"Exemplifies Camilla.

"his convenience Help, it is better to eat a Polenguinho light, for example, than another source of fat protein. But if you can choose the freshest low-fat cheeses, it's better. It is an emergency option for those who want to lose weight, you are on the street and there's no way to turn"Opines. The expert recommends betting on lighter cheeses, like cottage, which is what has less fat. The light white cheese is another good option because you can buy a version without salt.

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