right way to use the electric oven: see tips

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In addition to the stove and microwave, many people opt for electric furnace in time to prepare food. The appliance can be an ally in the kitchen, provided it is used correctly, without wasting energy or impair cooking. Here are some tips Kati Dias, general manager of LG Electronics Home Appliance from Brazil tousing the oven.

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The oven replaces the microwave?

This will depend on the needs of each person, who can choose to have or not the two options in the kitchen. "We can use the microwave to make a quick recipe and gourmet, just as we can choose to do it in the oven, which may be more practical to be bigger and have more capacity"He explains. There are also multifunctional ovens, who have the microwave function for cooking food.

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Food becomes tasteless when they are cooked in the electric oven?

Myth. This technology in some devices combine several internal sources of heat and, in addition to speed up the cooking process, also leave the juicy foods inside and crispy outside.

electric toaster oven consumes a lot of energy?

This information also depends on the type of oven. The orientation is to consult the energy Procel, present in all products. "In practice, the use of a multifunctional electric oven allows to use various heat sources in a single device", ends.

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