White hair in pregnancy: what to do?

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Dye hair during pregnancy does or does not hurt? Doubt is common for many women who often use colored thread and then becoming pregnant, fear that the products used could harm the baby. Therefore, the most common is that they take the natural color during this period, although currently there are already alternatives to those who want to keep the dyed hair in pregnancy.

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Doubt is also common for women who suffer from white hair in pregnancy. Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, expecting her second child with Prince William, recently appeared with some gray.

How to prevent white hair

Hair dye pregnancyThinkstockGrávidas can only dye their hair if authorization from médicoA most colorings is not recommended for pregnant women, because, according to hairstylist Thais Neves, Werner Coiffeur in Rio de Janeiro, the chemical present in the dyes comes into contact with the root of hair and goes straight into the bloodstream, which may harm the baby. So before undergoing any procedure, you must get a permit with the doctor.

For disguise the white hairs, the hairstylist Sonia Nesi staining suggests based on 100% henna, which does not contain iodine or ammonia in the composition. "Doctors believe that these dyes do not harm the fetus. The toners are also used in some halls, since authorized by doctors"He says.

You can dye your hair during pregnancy?

One option for those who want a hair coloring in pregnancy It is to fuses, such as ombre hair, since they are made of half of the hair to the root and not come into contact with the scalp.

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