Color therapy: the power of color

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The use of chromotherapy is truly holistic. It is non-invasive and powerful treatment that goes back thousands of years, as evidenced in ancient texts found in India, China and Egypt.

Color is simply light of different wavelengths and, as such, It is a form of energy, in this case turn into therapy. The energy of light affects all living cells. This therapy stimulates the nerve centers and works with issues related to energy deficiencies that can cause physical and mental strain.

Used properly, these different frequencies of light, or color, can have a profound effect on healing of all creation, human or not. It is a scientific fact that everything has its own a vibration. And color therapy aims to balance and strengthen energy centers, the chakras in our body. Used are seven colors in the light spectrum, helping to stimulate the healing process. It acts as a catalyst, and encourages normal and healthy functioning of the body. Color is everywhere and should be used as part of everyday life. An expert in color therapy can explain and advise on how to use colors at home for the health and well-being. We absorb the energy of colors not only through the eyes, but also through the skin and the electro magnetic field, or aura.

This healing can take place in any problem, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, for specific situations, and also for relaxation. It can be used safely and effectively, either alone, in addition to other therapy, alternative and orthodox, for adults, children, babies and animals, although it should never be considered as a substitute for conventional medical treatment. But well before the medical science have recognized the benefits of ultraviolet and infrared, natural healers have used the color therapy in the treatment of patients.


A therapy session is done in a dark room, with optical color slides, color therapy devices or with a simple slide projector. Color can be applied to body parts or whole in it. The person receiving this treatment should be relaxed and concentrated on the applied color. The lights can be used constantly or rhythmically. The solarized water technique is a simple and inexpensive way to color application to the body. Water, when exposed to sunlight in a colored container, at least one hour, beams and takes a part of that particular vibrational energy color. Using the same method can also prepare the solarized sugar or oil.

The colors

All colors, depending on their characteristics, has healing powers, and each color is applied to various diseases.

Eastern disciplines consider, for centuries, the importance of energy chakra centers. Each chakra corresponds to a particular color of light, which should be applied to that of natural energy balance of the body.

. 1 • Chakra at the crown of the head: violet.
. 2 • Chakra third eye in the center of the forehead: indigo.
. 3 • Throat Chakra: turquoise, blue and blue sky.
. 4 • Heart Chakra: Green.
. 5 • Solar Plexus Chakra: Yellow.
. 6 • Chakra base: red.
. 7 • Chakra soul: orange.


• Enables the circulatory system. It stimulates the process of learning and concentration, and increases the strength of will and constancy. Ideal to fight against fatigue in the body. It is recommended to incorporate red in a room used for the study because it stimulates creativity. It is also recommended if you need to write, read or perform any intellectual task.


• Useful for nervous exhaustion. It lifts the spirit and leaves a feeling of euphoria.
If you lead a sedentary life, incorporating this color in their surroundings, it can be stimulated willpower. It makes you want to get up and move.


• It relaxes the muscles and reduces excessive worry. Help in situations where you are pessimistic or unhappy. Wear yellow clothes during the day can raise the energy and sleep in a yellow room will help you wake up in the morning.


• Regenerate body cells, relaxes muscles and relieves eyestrain. Relieves tension and aggression, and renewed optimism. This color is indicated to relieve pain, or can be used to relieve pain. It is ideal for a room used for rest.


• This color gives a sense of relaxation and serenity. It helps to overcome fears. A massage under blue light can help alleviate the pain and gives immediate results. It helps to recover from fatigue and makes other therapies surtirem greater effect, such as massage, which will be more effective.


• detoxifies the body, supporting the expulsion of toxins and improves the flow of oxygen to the cells. Stimulates brain activity as it stimulates blood flow to the brain, activating the intuition and inspiration. This color is the perfect color, at work, or where you have to use brain power because it reduces stress and tension.


• Strengthens the immune system. It produces a positive energy state and good humor. It's the best color to have in the house in order to maintain a peaceful mind and a constant energy.

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