10 makeup tips for black skin

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The separated maquiadora Herta Marques 10 makeup tips for you value your black skin and become even more beautiful! Make step by step and leave home without exaggerating the tones.

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Prepare your skin before makeup

Wash your face with soap ideal for your skin type; invigorate and moisturise the skin with sunscreen. For oily skin, avoid using moisturizers. The best thing to do is to use a primer.

Remove makeup before bed

Sleep with excess makeup accelerates aging of the skin, clogs the pores and helps the appearance of pimples and acne.

Sanitize your skin

You may have heard out there that makeup dries the skin. The product itself does not dry, but poor sanitation contributes to the dryness. So it's very important to hydrate before and after the make.

Remove all makeup

Use a two-phase makeup remover for the eye area, and a free makeup remover for the face of the rest.

Now that you have learned how moisturize the skin before and after makeup, learn how to make and stay beautiful during the day!

Step 1: Base

Choose based on the tone of the colon, preferably those that have a reddish background. How to apply: Apply the base from the inside out, with brush or your fingertips, leaving a thin skin and natural effect.

Step 2: Correction

According to need pele.Para circles, use a corrective yellow. It will neutralize the dark under the eyes. To correct the acnes, use a concealer green. Then pass a corrective color black skin. How to apply: Apply the concealer with a brush, patting or with the fingertips.

Step 3: Compact

Use an appropriate brush to dust, always taking over the forehead, chin and cheek.

Step 4: Blush

golden tones, browns and earth coast.

Step 5: Illuminator

Use one with golden and bronze particles. How to apply: Always on the ends, sides, between the eyes and cheek. Blush in height approximately.

Step 6: Shadow

For neutral makeup, use a brown with smoky black. If you want to rock the night and do not know what shade of color use, abuse of emerald green, blue or purple. How to apply: Apply around the corner, the darker and esfumasse black in the hollow. To complete, use the illuminator close to the eyebrow.

Step 7: Liner

Use a beveled tip or brush. You can abuse the colors as well. Blue eyeliner and eggplant combine with black skin.

Step 8: Mask eyelashes

Use plenty of shade and especially in the corner to highlight. How to apply: Remove excess brush not to get balls. Apply as many layers as necessary.

Step 9: Lipstick

Red favors black skin, the wine, Pink more closed and orange tone. How to apply: You can spend a pencil on lipstick shade lipstick and over the desired color. The matte lipstick has a better fixation. Mouth's corner: Fix with concealer in a shade lighter and spend up based.

Step 10: Calendar days

For a calendar day, use a baby cream. It is practical, moisturizes and evens skin tone. It can be used in color and resolves like everything. It has all the functions in a single product.

Take it easy

If you call attention Eye, remember that the mouth should be neutral. A lipstick color skin or light color. If you want a simpler look, abuse lipstick.

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