Find out which are the ideal fruit to refresh with juices without getting fat

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A great choice for summer are the fruit juices. This season calls for light fruit, refreshing and of course, light. The less caloric better. "On warm days we need to eat fruits that have a high water content and low calorific value, in this way are good allies at the time of quenching thirst without guilt"Explains nutritionist Alessandra Coelho, which lists some of these fruits:

- Watermelon

- Melon

- Pineapple

- berries

- Orange

- Tangerine

- acerola

- Star fruit

- cashew

- Kiwi

- lychee

- Passion fruit

- Strawberry

- pear

- Peach

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"Already the most caloric fruits to avoid are: avocado, atemóia, banana, persimmon, red mombin fruit, macaúba, mango, coconut (pulp), jackfruit, pequi, tamarind and açaí"Explains Alessandra Coelho.

It is also important to avoid sweeten natural juices. "The fruit already has your sugar is fructose. However, if necessary, preferably prefer natural sweeteners (stevia the base and sucralose) and avoid sugar (refined, brown, demerara), honey, condensed milk or milk powder, 'stresses the nutritionist.

Vegetables can also complement the natural juice. But be careful! For your juice be light the vegetable needs to be in raw form. Herbs are also welcomed. "Mint, lemon grass and fennel are great options to leave the refreshing and tasty juice. Coconut water can also be used to increase and make it even healthier"Says Alessandra Coelho.

The nutritionist points out that we should avoid taking concentrated juices in order to control caloric density. And suggests three healthy options and light for you to make your summer even more refreshing.

Watermelon juice with mint

- 1 medium slice of watermelon

- 5 mint leaves (fresh)

- 70 ml of ice-water coconut

- 70 ml of ice water

- Beat all ingredients in a blender and serve.

carambola juice with lychees

- 1 carambola

- 3 lychees peeled and pitted

- 100 ml of iced green tea

- 100 ml of ice water

- Beat all ingredients in a blender, strain and serve.

Beet juice with apple

- ¼ raw beet and minced into cubes (can also use the leaves)

- ½ cup (tea) of chopped cabbage

- 1 apple cored

- 100 ml of ice water

- Beat all ingredients in a blender, strain and serve.


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