7 reasons why he has not called you out

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In some situations you can see that the guy is as interested as you, but he does not call you out. The question that remains is: why?

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Behavioral therapist Ramy Arany lists the main reasons that can lead man to not call a woman to leave or not do it as fast as she would like. See the photo gallery:

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Shyness: the expert, shy men sometimes take a long time to overcome shyness and call a woman out. "If the woman identify that this is the "problem", The tip is to take courage and initiative and call the guy to go out with her. It is very common and in most cases it works"Teaches.

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the woman afraid to say no: the fear of being rejected is also on the list of reasons why a man does not ask a woman out. "In some men this fear is a result of lack of self-esteem or self-knowledge. In this case, the woman take the initiative is also the best option"Says the therapist.

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Fear of ruining the friendship: friendships that saw love stories are common and can work out when there is an interest of both parties. However, many men shy and fail to invite the woman to go out for fear that the case does not work out and he loses a friend. "In such cases I am always in favor of opening the heart and overcome fears, both for men and women"Says Ramy.

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Recently came out of a relationship: most men run from commitment and serious relationships when they are single recently. According to behavioral therapist, this can also be a reason why he has not called you out. "Sometimes the last relationship was very traumatic, resulting in a fear of men was soon involved then"She says. In such cases, she said, there is not much to do but to respect the space and time it.

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A friend's up the same person: most men is very loyal to friends and avoids relate or be interested in any girl to arouse the interest of a friend. According to Ramy, in these cases they fear that an invitation to go out with the girl harm the friendship with his friend.

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The girl is a friend of his ex: situations involving ex-boyfriends (as) often complicated and can be a major impediment to the invitation is made. The therapist points out that in such cases the ideal is that the parties treat the issue with maturity to avoid hurt feelings, fights and even suspected of treason.

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He does not want: sometimes the guy is so attentive and friendly that women end up confusing this with a possible interest from him. In such cases, the man does not invite the woman to leave simply because he does not want it, either because it does not do her type or because it is already interested in someone else.

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