Olive oil moisturizes hair, but should only be used in specific products

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Just look a little what you think. Women share the network the thousand and one foolproof recipes for beautiful hair. The problem is that many get carried away by rumors and believe in the promised effects. One indication that roll around realize the amazing results from using the oil - that same, kitchen - hair.

What the legend says about hydration provided by the oil is not completely a lie, but how it is used can be very dangerous. "Olive oil, like any other oil, has moisturizing power. However, the home use can be harmful. Besides leaving with heavy trim and damage to wire rod, if used the dryer or flat iron after oil, it can fry your hair"Warns dermatologist Daniela Landim.

Some products already use olive oil elements in the formulation of creams. That's the best way to enjoy the benefits of this oil. "Not indicate the use at home, with crazy recipes, but the shampoos and conditioners with olive oil are recommended"Says the expert.

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